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Our vision : The human being at the heart of the machine

Wiidii was born in 2014 from the encounter between two worlds: the one of personal assistance and the world of artificial intelligence. Our desire to bring well-being to as many people as possible has led us to design a unique and differentiating solution to offer different “humanized” artificial intelligence products, responding to all markets.

The AI represents the “body”, the Human the “spirit”, and the combination of both offers extraordinary perspectives in the service of men.


We started from the premise that to better understand the needs of humans being (our users), we needed to approach human psychology in a holistic way. This is why, in addition to our technical, linguistic and professional teams, we have set up a Committee of Wise Men composed of neuroscientists, psychologists, doctors, cognitive researchers, historians, sociologists and philosophers.


Thanks to this collaboration, our “humanized” AI (Artificial Intelligence) is able to dialogue naturally. A true companion of everyday life, she detects emotions and adapts her answers according to the person she is talking to. Far beyond a simple retrieval of information based on a question-and-answer system, our AI will soon have its own personality and will considerably revolutionize the relationship between the human and the machine.

Our innovating artificial intelligence solution will revolutionise your life

A company founded in June 2014 by Cédric Dumas, who is also the CEO, Wiidii is at the forefront for the first hybrid technology of personal assistance in the world. It is hybrid as it combines a one-of-a-kind artificial intelligence and the know-how of real human assistants.
A cutting-edge technology with a foundations that combine state of the art Machine Learning with innovations implemented by our R&D lab. Our platform is constantly enhanced thanks to supervised learning of neurons network, where qualified data stems directly from our expertise on client support.
Our AI (Artificial Intelligence) is not only capable of understanding the meaning of complex sentences (NLU: Natural Language Understanding), but also communicating (NLG: Natural Language Generation) leading to a truly Natural Conversation Flow. A revolutionary solution of artificial intelligence, with a real personality and memory. Wiidii’s technology is capable of understanding and analysing the meaning of sentences and their context, answering you and interacting depending on your reactions and having a real discussion with you.


“By developing this hybrid technology, we have opened a horizon of immense new possibilities. We are at the dawn of an enthralling adventure…”


The Companion Assistant

Endowed with our unique hybrid technology, combining the know-how of human assistants and a cutting-edge artificial intelligence, in the form of a phone app (available on iOS & Android), it answers all requests 24/7, in 5 languages (French, English, Spanish, German and Chinese) and is accessible worldwide.

With your hybrid companion assistant, for the first time in the history of artificial intelligence, you can communicate naturally (oral or written) and have a real discussion. Thanks to our Machine Learning technology, it enhances itself with your exchanges: the more you talk to it, the more it gets to know you and answers in a personalised way. It anticipates your requests, a real time-saving trick in your everyday life! Once you have tried it, you will not be able to do without it: it is a real life companion!

Wiidii, your Companion Assistant

Life facilitator, centralist, it accompanies you and manages your daily life and your mobility. All you need to do is ask it what you want it to do for you


Don’t lose any more time! It will take care of all of your searches: the best rate for train tickets, the opening hours of the swimming pool closest to you, the programme of your favourite museum, an information on a subject, etc. Thanks to it, no need to have hundreds of applications: ask it directly, just by talking to it!

Your Centralist

All of your daily actions in one application: weather forecast, schedule, personalised news, films on show, TV programme, personalised alarm clock, etc.

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Its hybrid nature (our team of human assistants) enables it to manage all of your reservations: taxi, hotel, restaurants, tickets to a show, hire cars, etc. You can ask it anything!


Are you looking for a restaurant, a hotel, a trendy bar or a gym? It will advise you in an instant based on your tastes, budget, location and habits.

Appointments and reminders

It books your appointments at the doctor, the dentist, the hairdresser, etc. It calls in your place for the service of your car, contacts a contractor, your bank manager, or a client. It manages all of your appointments and reminders and adds them directly to your schedule.

The Advisor

As an innovating start to your after-sales service, the Advisor takes care of your clients and answers their frequent questions instantly. No more queue! They will access a direct, instantaneous and personalised assistance. If a request needs a more in-depth research, the Advisor would automatically forward it to an expert. It unclogs your after-sales service! Your teams can concentrate solely on the complex requests needing an expertise. A financial economy estimated between 35% and 60% depending on your business sector.

You may combine the Advisor with the Companion Assistant to have only one communication channel between your clients and your brand. What could be more simple and logical for your clients than to chat daily with their companion while also having the possibility of addressing questions directly to the after-sales service!

The Web Widget

Integrate our hybrid technology to your website thanks to our Web Widget. Much more than an automatic chatbot, it accompanies and guides your visitors in a personalised way, with a real exchange. A great added value for your clients loyalty strategy.

MIIO: an experimental project

When fiction becomes reality! A unique experimental project, where a selection of testers are lucky enough to participate. An extraordinary experience to contribute to the creation of your digital doppelgänger.
Creating one’s clone has become possible thanks to our hybrid technology! A real “human” adventure that Wiidii offers.

Everything is more simple and more secure with Wiidii

Wiidii is unique. Our products (Companion Assistant, Advisor, MiiO, etc.) will change your way of living. It will simplify your daily life, manage your time and be there for you as soon as you need it. It gets to know you, talks, assists and accompanies you everywhere! But it never bothers you, doesn’t sell you anything and keeps your privacy intact. Your personal data is encrypted, confidential and never shared.

A startup created in 2014

Wiidii France (headquarters)

56 rue de Tivoli
33000 Bordeaux

Wiidii Spain

Ronda de Sant Pere 16 – Planta 5, N°53
08010 Barcelona

Wiidii Canada

7240 Rue Waverly, Office 402
QC H2R 2Y8 Montréal

They trust us:


“In 2014, Bordeaux Tourist office the hybrid assistant Wiidii. This application has been first integrated into the 'Citypass' as an additional service. Now, this travel companion is called 'Assistant Bordeaux' and can be used on its own so tourists can enjoy their journey and make the most of it. Offering this application allows us to innovate and develop our services, which is highly appreciated by tourists. We are thrilled and very excited about this partnership!"

Nicolas MARTIN CEO of Bordeaux Tourism Office

"Wiidii is THE solution we chose to offer a unique experience to our clients. Thanks to this revolutionary pocket companion, people staying in our hotels can have their own personal assistant during their stay. Our customers can easily request to book a restaurant or a taxi, to find tickets for a show or even to get information on a city they want to visit. What's really innovative about it is that the application combines an artificial intelligence and a team of human concierges and thus maintains and ensures a quality and a simplicity of use which makes it really unique.”

Jean-Bernard FALCO CEO of Paris Inn Group

"Waters ports is by essence a very stressful activity: there are so many things you need to do for your boat: registration, maintenance, launching, winterizing, servicing, fixtures. Waters are unique, rules and interlocutors change all the time. Zodiac Nautic has always focused on making watersports accessible for everyone – that's why we decided to offer the first water sports concierge service available directly on your mobile phone. Our partnership with Wiidii allowed us to integrate this service as a white label in a mobile application, guaranteeing the real know-how of an actual concierge company.”

Antoine HEBER-SUFFRIN Head of Digital Innovation at Zodiac Nautic

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